Listen: ‘Juno’, a New Single by Bunnicula

Eyal Hai, Ian Hafiz Turner, Arnan Raz and Daniel Meron are 'Bunnicula', a new band formed by playing a musical game together while spread out across the globe. 

Their new single Juno is a song about someone who distrusts the world, and from that place of fear they aren’t able to see the love that is right in front of them. The song is an attempt to ground them in the love that is here, if they can just learn to trust. It was initially inspired by a foster dog who had been abused, but then the band found parallels to other kinds of friendship.

Juno is the first release from a full length album planned for this coming May.

Listen on all platforms here

Listen: ‘Juno’, a New Single by Bunnicula

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