NY LABA Fellowship Announces New Artists

New York LABA announced its new artist fellowship program recipients. Eleven artists from varied fields were chosen, three of them being AICF artist network members.


LABA is a Laboratory for Jewish Culture with hubs in New York City, the Bay Area, Berlin and Buenos Aires, which uses classic Jewish texts to inspire the creation of art, culture, conversation, and community. LABA Fellows are writers and artists, filmmakers and musicians working in varied fields of expression and this fellowship theme is BROKEN.


“We are broken vessels, and we live, according to Jewish mysticism, in a broken vessel. The chaos is never-ending, as is our longing to put the pieces back together”.


LABA will dive into the pain and pleasures of brokenness through our study of ancient Jewish texts, as we contemplate the ways in which brokenness is foundational to the Jewish tradition, and the ways in which brokenness plays out in our individual psychology and the world around us. Layered into this, we will also consider our dual-edged impulse to heal, which can just as easily lead us to a remedy as it can disillusion us–particularly in this age of self-optimization.


List of fellows:

Chanan Ben Simon
Daniel Friedman
Nava Gidanian-Kagan
Melissa Hacker
Andrew Ingall
Dena Kopolovich
Elie Lichtschein
Renana Neuman
Lili Rosen
Rachel Sullivan
Layla Zami Zuckerman


image: Nava Gidanian-Kagan, SP in gold blue

NY LABA Fellowship Announces New Artists

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