Red Sea Plastic Free Exhibition in Eilat and Kansas City

For The Sea Productions, created by independent award-winning filmmaker and presenter Ziggy Livnat, offers video and photos that raise awareness of the critical need for conservation of our planet’s largest ecosystem – the oceans.

Red Sea Plastic Free is a collaborative, multi-platform, artistic and scientific intervention created and led by Ziggy Livnat and his creative partner Heather Nisbett- Loewenstein of StoneLion Puppet Theatre, along with a small scientific and creative global team.

The project is meant to significantly reduce the use of single-use plastic in the coastal town of Eilat, Israel, and to better capture trash and recycling in order to stop the flow of plastic into the Red Sea.

To launch this campaign creatively, as both global collaboration and local artistic platform, Livnat and Nisbett-Lowenstein along with curators Doron Polak and Sarit Nachshon, with support from the National Geographic Society, the U.S. Embassy in Israel and the Municipality of Eilat, present “Red Sea Plastic Free: An Exhibition to end Plastic Pollution” with a selection of works by more than 40 of Israel’s most prominent professional artists, including a select group of local artists based in Eilat. This same exhibition is now open to the public in the Box Galley in Kansas City under the name “Stories From The Sea”. This exhibition highlights creative and aesthetic responses to the subject of ocean habitat destruction by plastic and the need for immediate change.

Red Sea Plastic Free tackles the global plastic pollution problem at the local level – with charm and humor to spare! Puppets created by the artists will be filmed underwater within the marine environment, interviewed in Public Service Announcements as lively and animated characters and participate in public events throughout the campaign driving public interaction.

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Red Sea Plastic Free Exhibition in Eilat and Kansas City