Stav Meishar’s Project The Escape Act

Petite Mort Productions and Dreamcoat Experience Present: The Escape Act: A Holocaust Memoir

Written and Performed by Stav Meishar
Based on the life of Irene Danner-Storm

The Escape Act (formerly Run Away, Join the Circus) is based on true events in the life of Irene, a young Jewish acrobat who survived the Holocaust hiding and working at the German Althoff Circus. Irene and her family were embraced by the circus owner Adolf Althoff and his wife Maria, and passed the years of World War II performing on its stage, running to hide whenever the Nazis came for inspections. This is a 60-minute one-woman theater play, incorporating elements of circus and puppetry.

Some exciting news from Stav Meishar and The Escape Act:
– Stav visited Morocco and interviewed the last person alive who was at the Althoff Circus, helping Irene and her family hide, during World War 2: Mohamed Sahraoui, a 94 years old Muslim acrobat!

– Hideaway Circus Podcast interviewed Stav about her research and her show. Have a listen, it’s free!

How can you support this groundbreaking project?
– You can become a regular supporter of our Patreon page, where we will release exclusive updates and art-nuggets to backers only.

– You can make a one-time contribution to Stav’s fundraiser, which will go towards the circus training she needs to undergo for staging this highly-physical show.

Stav Meishar’s Project The Escape Act