Zoom 2016- Promoting Young Israeli Artists

The Zoom project was created in order to provide a platform for young artists producing contemporary Israeli art to express their talent and to assist them in their professional development. The participating artists in Zoom 2016 are a select group of graduates from a wide range of art schools from all over Israel, who have completed their BFA or MFA degrees during the years 2014-2015.

As part of the project, 35 young artists are invited to meet with senior curators of the Israel Museum in order to present their work. Subsequently, the Zoom curatorial team, in cooperation with the curator of Ticho House (Israel Museum), will select a sub-set of these artists to take part in a group exhibition at the Ticho House during the summer months of 2016. The exhibition will include works in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, video, photography installation and performance.

A committee of senior curators from Israel and from abroad will select an outstanding artist from among the exhibition participants and will award him/her with a monetary prize from Zoom.

Founder and director of the project: Ghila Limon

Curators of the exhibition “Zoom 2016- Young Israeli Artists”: Tal Bechler, Ghila Limon and Timna Seligman.

Zoom 2016-  Promoting Young Israeli Artists