Nir Evron in New Video Profile by Artis

Artist Nir Evron is featured in a new video profile by Artis.

Click here to watch (9min)

In the video, Nir reflects on the history of film as a medium, which is an integral component of his art practice, and talks about using analog film as an act of resistance. He discusses his film-essay, La Solitude, (16 mm film transferred to 2K video, 26 min, 2016) that explores events surrounding the outcome of the Dreyfus affair in 1894, revealing the ways in which moving images heavily impact, shape, and manipulate public imagination and consciousness, and Belated Measures (16 mm archival film transferred to HD, 34 min, 2020), a work based on archival film from the Lehi Archive.

The video is part of a series of artist video profiles featuring artists who are based in Israel and are recipients of the Artis Grant for Exceptional Work in Uncertain Times