Nofar Yacobi Releases the Musical Solidarity Project

Soprano Nofar Yacobi created the Musical Solidarity Project / Covid-19: A virtual performance of Verdi’s “Va pensiero” from Nabucco that is a worldwide collaboration  between 55 opera houses, orchestras, and other cultural institutions and about 500 performers from all over the world, many of them are AICF alumni. It will be released on Wednesday, July 1st.

The project aims to provide support for artists and show solidarity during a time when many cultural institutions are sadly locked down until further notice due to Covid-19. Exceptional artists such as Barbara Hannigan, Dan Ettinger, and Nancy Yuen are supporting the project alongside many others. Singers, instrumentalists, conductors, world class soloists, orchestra players, music students and even passionate amateurs, stand all together in front of the global COVID-19 crisis.

World class Maestro Frédéric Chaslin participating in the project: ”I am delighted to be part of this exciting and useful project at a time where all artists need to show solidarity… times come where we need to be one block… We are millions of single voices and for once, we need to shout together… let’s pray that music will be in the heart of human beings to help them move forward after this terrible crisis.”