Listen: “On Layered Confessions” Audio Interview with Roey Victoria Heifetz

Roey Victoria Heifetz, Confessions, 2014, installation view, St. Johannes Evangelist Church, Berlin. Photo by Joachim Schultz.

“Signals from the Studio”, an audio-interview podcast produced by ‘Artis’ in partnership with journalist Yonatan H. Mishal, released a new episode featuring artist Roey Victoria Heifetz.

Artistically, personally, and emotionally, I am very out there. I am very exposed. My art is mostly telling an emotional story. It’s not a historical narrative, or something else….You see everything in my drawings…I’m erasing a lot, using the charcoal, ink, and pencils. When I erase, you see all the layers.” -Roey Victoria Heifetz

Listen to the full interview:

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