Tom Borrow Debut with the Cleveland Orchestra. Read the Review

The Plain Dealer’s Zachary Lewis wrote a favorable review about the concert of Israeli pianist Tom Borrow at the Severance Music Center in Cleveland. “Playing Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G Major, the young Israeli pianist made a sensational debut with the Cleveland Orchestra and captured the spirit of the work and the heart of a sizeable crowd in one fell swoop”, wrote Lewis in the review as was published on

“In a world teeming with gifted pianists, Borrow stands out with a touch that’s both light and powerful, and supremely incandescent. For a work like the Ravel Concerto, a swirl of Neo-Classical gestures and jazz, it’s as if he were uniquely born and bred. He also proved just the man for his encore, Debussy’s splashy ‘Feux d’Artifice’. Never did Borrow sound in anything less than complete command. He played with zesty animation and seemed to enjoy the experience immensely. He also played well with others. In the Adagio, after a sublime solo meditation, he crafted a lovely give-and-take with his woodwind colleagues, mirroring their phrasing to a tee”.