Re-Imagining Schubert: Fundraising for Commissioning New Works

As part of a PhD research at the Royal Academy of Music, Israeli pianist Yehuda Inbar is working with some of today’s leading composers on re-thinking Schubert’s music and identity. This project includes discussions, interviews and also collaborations with eminent composers such as Brett Dean, Richard Barrett, Jörg Widmann, Michael Finnissy, as well as younger generation composers such as Freya Waley-Cohen and Morgan Hayes. Inbar is raising £10,000 which will enable him to commission new works, as well as putting up a special concert including the new Schubert inspired commissions.

The fundraising page of the Re-Imagining Schubert project will be active until December 31st.

For supporting the project after this date, please contact Yehuda at:
-or- Phone number: +49-1766-461-5992

Yehuda Inbar is a young Israeli concert pianist. He completed his Masters and Advanced Diploma with Prof. Joanna MacGregor at the Royal Academy of Music, where he’s currently furthering his PhD.