Run Away, Join the Circus – A Holocaust Memoir

Circus acrobat and stage performer Stav Meishar is launching a Kickstarter Campaign for her new project “Run Away, Join the Circus”- a solo performance based on the true story of Irene Danner-Storm, a Jewish acrobat who survived the holocaust by hiding at the Althoff Circus. Irene and her family were embraced by the Adolf Althoff and his wife, Maria, and passed the war performing at their circus, running to hide whenever the Nazis came for inspections.

The play will receive a staged reading at the 14th Street Y, one of NYC’s leading venues for Jewish Arts and Education, on Holocaust Memorial Day (April 23rd / April 24th).

This project is Stav’s most important work to date. She has been researching and developing it for 3 years, and her vision of having a traveling show that can educate youth about this chapter in Jewish History is a vision she cannot achieve alone. Visit the Kickstarter page to support this wonderful project.