Support Noa Hope and Nur Darwish’s New Song in Hebrew and Arabic

Noa Hope is a composer, singer-songwriter, and opera singer who performs on the Israeli Opera stage and around the world. Two months ago she went out on a Head Start project that aims to support the production of the original songs she writes and composes, including “Be Who You Are” – a special collaboration with the singer Nur Darwish. Together they sing in English, Arabic, and Hebrew. A Headstart campaign was created in order to promote and expand the project.
The inspiration for writing the song was the case of the attempted murder of Shira Isakov, who was fortunately thwarted thanks to the courage and resourcefulness of Shira and her neighbor Adi Guzi.  The lyrics was originally written in English and later, some of it was translated into Arabic by the poet named Galia Abu Saleh.