Tali Rubinstein in an Interview with The Jazz Times

Read Tali Rubinstein’s interview with Dan Bilawski published in The Jazz Times under the headline “Tali Rubinstein Redefines the Recorder”.

Rubinstein, 36, has caused many to reevaluate the recorder’s station. Breathing new life into these duct flutes, she echoes the boundless enthusiasm that initially set her on this path some 30 years ago while growing up in Israel. ‘I started playing recorder at six or seven,’ she recalls, ‘and it quickly became my passion. My mom signed me up for after-school classes and, after going two times, my teacher, Ilana Hiller, recommended private lessons. So I transitioned into that pretty early.'”

Also, watch the video Bach Invention No. 4 by Rubinstein, an AICF grant recipient, that got over 300,000 views on Facebook.