Vengerov and Shaked’s Triumphant Return from Chile

Maxim Vengerov and pianist Shira Shaked win praise for their concert which took place on March 10th at the historic Teatro Municipal de Santiago in Chile. Music critic and professor Gilberto Ponce Vera published a favorable review in Spanish. Below are select quotes translated to English:

“[Vengerov’s] character would not have shone as it did if it wasn’t for the formidable accompaniment of Shira Shaked, a pianist who is on par with her potential.”

 “Brahms grants the piano as much prominence as he does to the violin, and it is in this aspect where Shira Shaked was a great complement for a soloist like Vengerov.”

“Shira Shaked’s work as an accompanist is sensational”, Gilberto Ponce Vera