Watch: Itamar Borochov Performs Dirge at Leopolis Jazz Festival

New video from Itamar Borochov’s recent performance at Leopolis Jazz Festival in Lviv, Ukraine

Itamar Borochov, trumpet
Rob Clearfield, piano
Sam Weber, bass
Jay Sawyer, drums

Raised in the cosmopolitan port city of Jaffa, now a significant presence on the international jazz scene, Borochov is creating a new musical hybrid – bringing the sacred sounds of his upbringing to a jazz quartet setting. ​ “This synergetic quest is accomplished with great integrity, demonstrating in-depth knowledge only possible from one who has experienced these traditions firsthand.” – Jazz Magazine ​ Borochov won the prestigious 2020 LetterOne ‘Rising Stars’ Jazz Award European edition, which was presented to him in February 2021 by vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater.