Watch: My Father’s Death by Bracha Bdil

My Father’s Death – Lamentation for Soprano & Piano

Composer: Bracha Bdil
Words by: Pnina Avni
Translation: Rachel Baddiel
Translation editor: Yael Levin
Soprano: Mina Gligorć
Piano: Vanja Šćepanović
Sound production: Marko Perić

2021 “Portraits and Remembrance” Rossi Fest – The International Holocaust Remembrance Day Concert Studio recording, Concert Hall of the Belgrade Jewish Community building, Serbia, 2021

My Father’s Death

And at the end of the seven
He grew into seventy.

And my rooms are filled full
of him.
And my eyes –
His little girl again –
In this size
That intensifies
His daughter-fruit.

My Father, My Father
This terrible affront.
That so it is.

And my eyes –
In this greatness
Until the tearing.

All my days

I did not believe
This terrible affront.
That so it is.

And when he died
I did not salt-stand
In my tears.

We went.

At the front –
Four undertakers
Strict indifference
In their work as usual
The bridegrooms of his cold stretcher.
And for a moment
the edge was exposed
His foot in the white shroud.
Alas, the mystery code.