Winners of the Paul Ben-Haim 2016 Competition

We are proud to announce our AICF Recipients to have won the Paul Ben-Haim 2016 Competition, which took place last week in Tel Aviv!

In the Young Category:

FIRST PLACE: Roi Dayan, Mandoline (photo: Lilach Uzan)

SECOND PLACE: Danielle Ben-Kennaz, Clarinet (photo: Eran Ben-Kennaz)

THIRD PLACE: Omer Itzhak Posti, Oboe (photo: Lilach Uzan)

In the Adult Category:

FIRST PLACE: Lia Chen Perlov, Cello

SECOND PLACE: Jonathan Germinder (not an AICF Recipient)

THIRD PLACE: Tom Ben Ishai, Sopran (photo: Noa Ben Shetach)

Congratulations to the winners!