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About Adrian Grauenfels

Adrian Grauenfels (born November 2, 1946 in Bucharest) is a poet, writer and translator, of Jewish origin, originally from Romania, settled in Israel, in Rishon leZion.

Education: Master's Degree in Engineering from The Constructions Institute of Bucharest 1970. Married with two children. Emigrated to Israel in 1972. Since 1999 became active as a poet, writer, and translator from Hebrew. Published articles on art and culture in Romanian newspapers published in Israel. He is very active on internet with a large list of publications.
Published two books of poetry and numerous art and cultural articles. Was published by the “Izvoare” anthology with four poems. He is frequently featured on internet magazines: Omnigraphies, Egophobia, ArtOut, Biblioteca Maia Martin, Revista Bucovina. He is a permanent contributor to the weekly publications: Revista Familiei, Maximum, Jurnalul Saptamanii. Contributes and actively publishes to internet networks: Reteaua Literara & Cititorul de Proza. Contributes regularly to Revista Familiei & Maximum.
[modification] Books & articles launched on internet
Hebrew poetry. Selected poems (2 volumes), translations from modern Hebrew to Romanian by Adrian Grauenfels, graphic art by Maia Martin & Carmen Acsinte, preview by Maria Sava, 2011
The Yanle Castle – poetry and prose
Visiting Ussais – poetry
“The Hotel Aglaya” – urban poetry
The Anthology of Colage 2011
La Strada (recent poetry),
The Winter that was missing
Biographies: Constantin Antonovici, Gherasim Luca, Carlo Carra (1881-1966), Victor Brauner, Maud Friedland, Ortega y Gasset, Ansel Adams, Eugene-Auguste Atget, Edward Hopper, Boris Vian, James Joice 1920-1959

The Polivalence of Jazz, etc.
Critical articles and Essays:
The paradigm of Romanian language press (2012), The Postal Art, the Kitsch is dead – long live the ÜberKitsch. The tribal mask – The poetic mask. The Cobra movement (2011), Israel – The Colective movement of 1906 through 1960, Anselm Kiefer in Tel Aviv, Remembering Bateau-Lavoire, Claude Lorrain – The Rediscovered Landscape, Jan Sluijiters – an expression virtuoso, Max Brod and Kafka manuscripts, From Dada to Surrealism: Romanian artists in avant-garde movement 1910-1938, Visual Art in Israel (2012), Marga Grauenfels – Reinventing Ceramics, A Mysterious Gentleman Pi, Revisiting The Primitivism, Georges Hugnet, On Rembrand’s Trails, Historical Parks, The Kitsch, Yad Vashem Museum (2010), Italo Calvino, Saul Leiter, the adept of happiness, Samuel Bak, Arshile Gorky – the last surrealist. Avigdor Arikha, Recviem to Amos Oz, etc

Tel Aviv –The status of the Art. The ZERO HOUR in German Culture. Valery Oișteanu – Colages, The Art of Oriental Eclecticism, Wilfredo Lam – Cuban Avantgarde.
Book Launchings: Bianca Marcovici – Poems from the two shores of the soul. Ion Pop – "From Avantgarde to Ariergarde" (Tel Aviv).
Interviews: The Painter Ion Vincent Danu, Poet Yigru Zeltil – Constanta, Romania, maia Martin – graphic artist, Mirela Iordache – painter, Miriam Gamburd – sculptor and graphic artist.
Curator of Ceramic & Painting exhibition” “Modern Ceramics” – Rishon le Zion 1985

Initiated “The Group of Seven” an internet art, graphic and philosophy magazine. Nautilus, Alchemia and Israeli Journal (in Romanian).

Awards: Osias Rabinovici for publishing.

Adrian Grauenfels

Visual Arts
Printmaking, Mixed Media, Drawing & Painting

Rishon LeZion, Israel