Vera Stern Memorial Endowment Fund

From the late 1960s until 2007, Vera Stern was known and revered as the heart and soul of AICF. She served in many roles at AICF, including as its devoted President. She tirelessly dedicated herself to the organization and passionately supported the early careers of its talented artists.

Many of the most renowned artists acknowledge the nurturing and support provided by Vera Stern and AICF as vital to their career development. Vera’s love of Israel and her passion for the arts deserve to be recognized forever. Please consider a generous contribution in honor of Vera and in support of the finest Israeli artists of tomorrow.

Suggested donations:

Amount Designation
$250,000 (Gold) Provides 7-10 memorial scholarships annually
$100,000 (Silver) Provides 3-5 memorial scholarships annually
$50,000 (Bronze) Provides 2 memorial scholarships annually
$25,000 (Copper) Provides 1 memorial scholarship annually
Mrs. Vera Stern
Photo: Sergey Bermeniev


Celebrate the legacy of Mrs. Vera Stern

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Lior Raz Endowment Fund

Lior Raz
Photo: Oded Balilty


Honor Lior Raz for his global contribution to the Arts

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On the occasion of Fauda creator Lior Raz receipt of AICF’s prestigious 2018 Aviv Award for Artistic Achievement, we have established the Lior Raz Endowment Fund in perpetuity to support Israel’s finest actors. In honor of his accomplishments, the Lior Raz Endowment Fund will be dedicated to supporting young theater, film and television actors and filmmakers.


Suggested donations:

Amout Designation
$500 Help support Israel’s top performers
$2,500 Assist one artist for a year of their studies
$10,000 Build the Endowment and underwrite one artist grant
$30,000 Establish the minimum total endowment needed to generate one excellence grant annually
$350,000 Endow Israel’s theater, film, and television actors and filmmakers in perpetuity

The popular TV series Fauda premiered on Feb. 15, 2015 and quickly became a bold and strikingly popular hit in Israel, on Netflix in the US, and around the world. The show was a collaboration between remarkable Israeli actor and screenwriter Lior Raz and journalist Avi Issacharoff depicting the life of a commander of an undercover counter-terrorism unit based on their experiences in the Israel Defense Forces.  The show has continued to receive great acclaim, including an award for Best Drama Series at the Israeli Academy Awards in 2016. It was voted “Best International Show” by The New York Times in  2017. It went on to receive 11 “Israeli TV Academy Awards” and released its third popular season in 2019-20.

Cast & crew:


Cinematographer Nitai Netzer – AICF Grant Recipient in Film 1996-1997
Second Unit Shuli Kalderon – AICF Grant Recipient in Film 1998-1999
Editor Yair Nahshon – AICF Grant Recipient in Film 2004-2005
Screenwriters Moshe Zonder – AICF Grant Recipient in Film 1990-2001
Leora Kamenetzky – AICF Grant Recipient in Film 1988-1989
Actors Netta Garti – AICF Grant Recipient in Theater 2002-2003
Rona-Lee Shimon – AICF Grant Recipient in Dance 1998-2003
Boaz Konforty – AICF Grant Recipient in Theater 1998-1999
Doron Ben-David – AICF Grant Recipient in Theater 2004-2005
Igal Naor – AICF Grant Recipient in Theater 1980-1982
Raida Adon – AICF Grant Recipient in Arts 2002-2003
Carlos Gharzuzi – AICF Grant Recipient in Theater 2016-2017
Uri Gavriel – AICF Grant Recipient in Theater 1978-1980
Rotem Keinan – AICF Grant Recipient in Theater 2003-2004
Aylam Orian – AICF Grant Recipient in Theater 1995-1997

We are pleased to share this special message from Lior in recognition of the fund.

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