The William A. Schwartz Instrument Loan Program

AICF proudly continues its 80-year tradition of sharing its impressive collection of string instruments with exceptional musicians in need. This collection has been acquired through donations from institutions and independent donors in Israel and abroad. AICF’s lending program ensures that promising musicians without the means to purchase a quality instrument may practice, audition, and perform on top-tier instruments. The program enables our bank of quality instruments to endure for future generations.

In 2022 AICF is proud to rename the program into the William A. Schwartz Instrument Loan Program to honor Bill’s exceptional philanthropic legacy. William A. Schwartz (Z”L), fondly known as Bill, was an extraordinary leader, philanthropist, and champion of the arts. Bill’s passion for music and Israel made him an unparalleled advocate of AICF, in which he served as President and Board Chair for many years.

For more information about the fund, contact us at [email protected].

Photo: Ilan Spira
“The most impactful help I have received from AICF has to be the cellos provided as part of the Instrument Loan program. It is important to have an instrument that doesn’t limit the musician at the level they’re at. When the level of the instrument is lower, it may interfere with the progress the musician is making, but if the instrument is at a slightly higher quality, it can help accelerate the musician’s development. I have received incredible instruments from AICF since I was fifteen years old, and I am currently borrowing The ex-Havemeyer cello built by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini in 1743.”
Haran Meltzer
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra member and AICF grantee since 2009
“AICF has been there for me throughout my musical and professional journey, and what could be a greater support than providing an artist with an instrument… that’s our ‘office’, that’s our inspiration, that’s the friend we spend so much of our time with. I have the privilege of playing a beautiful French violin – Nicolas François Vuillaume; it has been serving me well for many years, and it has been my partner in my professional career, traveling with me around the world. I am infinitely grateful for the assistance and support – not to be taken for granted! It makes AICF feel like family.”
Edi Kotlyar
Violinist and AICF grantee since 2007