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    Danielle Schwartz is an award-winning Israeli filmmaker, writer, and activist living in Tel Aviv. Israel.

    She studied literature (Tel Aviv University and the University of Chicago) and Cultural Studies (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Her research on the cinematic representation of Palestinian ruins in Israeli cinema was published and presented worldwide.

    Mirror Image, her first film, won the Van Leer Award for Best Short Documentary Film at the Jerusalem Film Festival and nominated Best Shorty Documentary at the DOC NYC film festival, and is screened internationally.


    Mirror Image: short documentary film | Israel | 11 min | 2013

    Jewish Israeli grandparents are challenged by their grandchild to compose an agreed-upon version of the untold story of a large mirror, taken from an Arab village after the 1948 war.

    An intimate discussion that reflects on how history is written, contested and negotiated.

    The Van Leer Award for Best Documentary Short – Jerusalem Film Festival (2014)
    Grand Jury Prize winner in Short Competition – DOC NYC (2014)

     “This beautiful short film is really wonderful. Structured like a tale, powerful and fascinating” (Elias Khouri, novelist)

    “A true gem: so simple, so sophisticated, so thrilling. It captivates and breaks your heart” (Anton Shammas, novelist)

    “A wonderful movie; excellent, stunning, moving and very-very smart. Wow, what a beauty!” (Avi Mograbi, filmmaker)

    “Such a brilliant reminder of how much can be said in such a short work. This is as intense and memorable a distillation of what the conflict means, in terms of memory, repression and obfuscation as one could hope for. A display of genuine bravery in exploring this theme so very close to home. I can’t praise this accomplishment highly enough” (Ranen Omer-Sherman, Co-Editor, Shofar)

    “This impressive documentary shows this generation’s growing interest in the memory of the Nakba and documents a very personal way of breaking the silence” (Aleida Assmann, Memory Studies).

    Schwartz is of a new generation of Israeli Jews who challenge the dominant Zionist narrative by pressing her own grandparents for a more honest version of their story (Benjamin Doherty, electronicintifada.net)

    With its accented aesthetic and what can be seen as a surprising choice of topic, Mirror Image teaches us that these counter-spaces can also be occupied by “accented filmmakers” who were born and raised in Israel. It is indeed a “minor film”; but if there is one thing we can learn from Mirror Image, it is that the marginal often deserves a more central place (Neta Alexander, Media Fields Journal).

    Screenings include:

    Palm Springs Short Film Fest,

    Warsaw Film Festival,

    Kassel Short Fest

    San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

    Other Israel Film Festival, NY

    London Palestine Film Festival

    Ann Arbor Palestinian Film Festival

    Chicago Palestinian Film Festival

    New Orleans Film festival

    Flickerfest Short Film Festival, Sydney, Australia

    Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival

    Middle East Now Festival, Florence

    Danielle Schwartz

    Emmanuelle Mayer

    Thalia Hoffman

    Project Consultant:
    Netta Barkai Stern

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