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About Eduard Shruster (Fine Art and Doll Museum)

Eduard’s sculptures and drawings are being displayed in exhibitions all over Israel and overseas, as well as museums and private collections. Eduard works of art, are made from a wide variety of metals, particularly bronze, beaten copper, and colored metals. These works, which incorporate intricate processes of oxidizing and highly skilled welding among other technics, are bringing forward Eduard’s fine touch and aesthetics, molded into them. Eduard’s niches are mainly “Art-Nouveau” and “Art-Deco”, carrying his message by emphasizing distorted perspectives and proportions. In recent years, Eduard had started involving in photography, putting an emphasis on natural light conditions.

1953 – Eduard is born in Riga, Latvia under the USSR
1971 Eduard immigrates to Israel with his family and settles in the city of Beer-Sheva.

1977 Eduard completes his arts and pedagogy academic studies at the “K College” of Beer-Sheva and continues them at the “Ben Gurion University of the Negev”.

1978 Eduard settles in the city of Arad and becomes one of the founders and originators of the famous artists quarter in the city. In the same year, he establishes his “Studio and Gallery” tutorial institute of painting, drawing, and sculpture for both young and adults.

2006 Eduard and his spouse Miri Leibovitz Shruster, moved to Arad’s newly founded Art Village, where they established their “Fine Arts & Dolls Museum” inspired by the Italian “Commedia dell`Arte”.

Eduard Shruster (Fine Art and Doll Museum)

Visual Arts
Ceramics & Glass, Drawing & Painting, Photography, Printmaking

Arad, Israel

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