About Eliyahu Svetov

Eliyahu was born in Jerusalem, Israel, on April 96′. He studied music since the age of 6, at the Jerusalem conservatory of music and dance, starting with piano lessons from the teacher Larisa Baikin, who taught him for 12 years. Eventually, he was accepted to the Jerusalem academy High-school, where he finished the music Bagrut with the final score of 100 points. The year after that, he was accepted to the Jerusalem Academy, and currently continuing his piano lessons with Michael Boguslavsky.

During his time in the academy high school, Eliyahu performed in numerous concerts as a solo pianist, and in various ensembles. He played a couple of times at the high school's music festivals, at the Jewish music convention in the national library, and a few times as a soloist in the Jerusalem Museum.

In 2016, He was awarded the AICF scholarship for piano studies.

Eliyahu Svetov


Jerusalem, Israel
Grant Recipient