About Evgenia Dodina

Evgenia Dodina is an award-winning actress with vast experience in theatre, film, and television. A driving force behind the success of the Gesher Theatre, she is currently performing with the National Theatre Habima. Dodina has received Best Actress Awards from the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival and Haifa International Film Festival, and an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University.

Evgenia Dodina, a graduate of the Moscow Academy of Dramatic Arts (GITIS), is a renowned theater and film actress in Israel. She played many first roles at the Maiakovski Theater in Moscow.

It was her meeting with the theater professor Yevgeni Arye who decided to migrate to Israel in 1990. Evgenia has been part of the Gesher Theater in Tel Aviv, which she joined from s its creation. His performances in the majority of the troupe's productions have won him critical enthusiasm.

Since 2007, Evgenia has joined Habima, the National Theater of Israel. She also worked for the cinema, under the direction of many directors including Ari Folman, Samuel Maoz and Avi Nesher.

Evgenia Dodina

Actor, Classical, Contemporary

Tel Aviv, Israel