Leonid Padrul

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    Petach Tikva, Israel

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    Leonid Padrul is a Ukrainian-born (Nikolaev, 1950) Israeli photographer, a world-renowned artist in the field of photography.

    Padrul began engaging in still photography and video photography focusing on nature photography of Ukrainian landscapes; Nude photography and portraits. Among other things, he participated in documentary expeditions to Tien Shan in the USSR (1984-1978).

    After immigrating to Israel in 1994, he fell in love with the Dead Sea landscapes and a large part of his photographs he edits in this special area. For more than 20 years he was the head of the photography department of the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. During this time he contributed to the creation of many valuable catalogs documenting Israeli art. Solo exhibitions have been shown about 50 times in museums and galleries around the world with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

    Metropolitan Museum – Philippines, Manila
    National Gallery of Bangkok
    Fine Arts Museum Vietnam, Hanoi
    Belarusian National History Museum
    And more.

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