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About Maera Daniel Hagage

Maera Daniel Hagage is a NYC based Actress, Writer, Director, Producer and Customer Success Manager.
Born in Texas and raised in Israel, Maera lived in Germany and Egypt and traveled all around the world running ground security for EL AL, the Israeli airline, before setting her home in NYC.

After graduating from the Visual Communication department at The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, producing and directing a few independent short films, Maera joined SundaySky, an exciting video-powered experience start-up as a designer and creative producer. She moved on to become a project manager, then Customer Success Manager, directly working with Fortune 500 companies, a position that brought her to New York City.

While in Israel, Maera also completed a one-year conservatory at Beit Zvi School of Performing Arts and shortly thereafter became an active member of the Herzlia community theatre, a home and stage for the joint work of physically disabled and non-disabled actors. As a passionate actress, fluent in 3 languages, she is currently a proud member of Mr. John Anthony’s Acting Group and the Rising Sun Performance Company.

Maera is passionate about storytelling and connecting people and cultures through performing arts. Her passion, talent, and professional skills led her to found Dirty Laundry Theatre together with a wonderful team who share this passion.

Dirty Laundry Theatre premiered its first production 'Borders' at the NY theatre festival in June 2019 and was nominated for Best Play.

Maera Daniel Hagage

Dance, Film, Theater, Visual Arts
Acting, Directing, Narrative, Actor, Playwright, Contemporary

New York, New York, United States

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