About Micha Gilad

Micha Gilad was born and raised in Tel-Aviv. He graduated the Thelma-Yellin high school for arts and served in the IDF as an excelling musician. He received his Bachelors degree from the Newschool for Jazz and Contemporary music in December 16′.

Micha studied with some of the most known teacher in the city’s Jazz scene, while also studying classical music and composition. His piano playing shows a unique voice, deriving from the Jazz vocabulary and heritage, but always exploring to find new colors. His compositions are influenced of jazz, classical and even pop , blues and electronic music, mixed together to create different sound worlds and interesting surfaces for improvisation.

Micha leads his own jazz trio including Ben Silashi on drums and Gal Shaya on bass, while also playing keyboards in other bands like O Mer, and Doctor B.

Micha received the AICF scholarship award for excellence in jazz performance for the years 2012-13. He won first prize in the Israeli Conservatory jazz performance competition. He was a part of the Shtriker Quintet winning the Best Band Prize in the Bucharest Jazz Competition. He received scholarships from the Israeli Conservatory and The New School for Jazz.

Micha Gilad

Piano, Jazz

Brooklyn, New York, United States