About Moshe Elmakias

Moshe Elmakias is a jazz pianist from Jerusalem, Israel. Moshe started playing classical piano at the age of 6, and throughout his youth took an interest in Jazz music. At the age of 13 he was already touring around the world with various bands and orchestras.

Moshe did his mandatory military service in the “Outstanding Musicians Program” while attending the Jerusalem Academy of Music for his bachelor degree in Jazz Performance, and graduated his B.A with honor. Moshe won many competitions and scholarships in Israel and studied with world famous musicians such as Eli Degibri and Shai Maestro.

At the age of 19 he performed in Italy at the Umbria Jazz Festival (2016) with an Israeli young jazz quartet. At the age of 20 he played in Israel with the bass player Leo Espinosa (Cuba), and Marco Pignataro (US). Also he played at the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Israel (2017) with an Israeli young jazz quintet.

At the age of 21 he performed Poland (2017) with the world music singer Mor Karbasi, in Guatemala Jazz Festival (2018) and Uzbekistan with the Israeli drummer Yogev Shetrit, and in Austria, Czech, Russia and Finland (2018) with the Israeli bassist Tal Gamlieli.

On 2018 Moshe was awarded by the AICF scholarship. These days Moshe plays and records with many musicians in Israel, and plays many festivals and platforms around the country.

Moshe Elmakias

Piano, Jazz

Ramat Gan, Israel
Grant Recipient

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