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    New York, NY, United States

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    Natan Dvir is an Israeli photographer who focuses on the human aspects of political, social and cultural issues. He received his MBA from Tel Aviv University and his MFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts (NY). Natan is based in New York City and photographs around the world represented by Polaris Images agency and Anastasia Photo gallery. His work has been published by numerous international magazines including the New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times Magazine, Le Monde, Figaro, Journal de Dimanche, Stern, Focus, Die Zeit, Corriere Della Sera, Die Weltwoche and Wallpaper among others. Natan’s main projects were exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Europe, South America and Israel including the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Cleveland), Blue Sky Gallery (Portland, OR), Schneider Gallery (Chicago), Houston Center for Photography (Houston), War Photo Museum (Dubrovnik), Museo de Antioquia (Medellin), Christie’s (London), Kultur Bahnhof Eller (Düsseldorf) and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv). His work has received recognition wining prizes around the world including the Picture of the Year Award (POYi), Photo District News (PDN) Annual, American Photography Award, New York Photography Festival Award, Critical Mass top 50, Black & White Spider Award, and the Picture of the Year Award in the Israeli press.

    Main Awards

    Picture of the Year Award (POYi) 2012 – Award of Excellence
    PDN Photo Annual 2012 – Best Feature Series
    Freedom to Create 2011 – Commended Artist
    International Photography Award 2011 – Honorable Mention (x2)
    American Photography 2011 – Chosen for AP27
    PDN Photo Annual 2011 – Best Personal project
    Critical Mass 2010 – Book Finalist & Top 50
    FotoFest 2010, Houston – Discoveries of the Meeting Place
    New York Photography Festival 2010 – Social Documentary Essay – 1st Prize
    Px3 Prix de la Photographie – Honorable Mention
    Houston Center for Photography – HCP Fellowship 2009
    American Photography Award 2009 – Selected for AP25 Annual
    Black & White Spider Awards 2008 – 1st prize Documentary
    Local Testimony (Israeli Photojournalism) 2007, 2005 – Picture of the Year
    Les Rencontres d’Arles 2007 – Prix de l’Edition
    The London Jewish Museum of Art – International Jewish Artist of the Year 2007
    PDN Photo Annual 2006 – Best documentary project

    Latest Solo Exhibitions

    “Eighteen”, Central European House for Photography (Bratislava, Slovakia), 2011
    “Eighteen”, War Photo Museum (Dubrovnik, Croatia), 2011
    “Eighteen”, Blue Sky Gallery (Portland, OR, USA), 2011
    “Eighteen”, Colombia University Bernard Hillel (New York, USA), 2010
    “Shelter”, Festival de la Luz (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2010
    “Eighteen”, The Jewish Community Center (New York, USA), 2009
    “Shelter”, Houston Center for Photography, 2009

    Latest Group Exhibitions

    “Discoveries of the Meeting Place”, FotoFest Biennial (Houston, USA), 2012
    “Occupy Wall Street”, South Street Seaport Museum (New York, USA), 2012
    “Freedom to Create 2011”, Company’s Gardens (Cape Town, South Africa), 2011
    “Beauty, Humor, and Social Justice”, Museum of Fine Arts (Houston, USA), 2011
    “Two Years After”, Museum of Contemporary Israeli Art (Ramat Gan, Israel), 2011
    “Across the Divide”, Photo Center NW (Seattle WA, USA), 2011
    “The Right to Protest”, Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem, Israel), 2010-11
    “EitherAnd: The New Docugraphics”, The Center for Photography (Woodstock, USA), 2010
    “Anthropographia”, New York Photography Festival (New York, USA), 2010
    “Home Less Home”, Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem, Israel), 2010
    “Hugging and Wrestling”, Museum of Contemporary Art (Cleveland, USA), 2009
    “2009 Tel Aviv Time”, Tel Aviv Museum, 2009
    “Photography from Israel”, Kultur Bahnhof Eller (Düsseldorf, Germany), 2009
    “2009 Tel Aviv Time”, Tel Aviv Museum (Tel Aviv, Israel), 2009

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