Rachel Frank

Visual Arts

Rachel Frank

Rachel was born and raised in Jerusalem.

From a young age, Rachel has been making art. Her Main medium is sculpture, in addition to painting in a variety of techniques.
In recent years, Rachel has combined her love of both fields of art; painting and sculpting, by focusing on creating visual compositions in a method of painting on sculptures that she herself developed. The sculptures are colorful and full of the joy of life, movement and imagination.

Early on, Rachel sculpted and painted women figures and portraits. The subject of self-image, exploitation and the suffering of women occupied her and was the focus of the work while emphasizing facial expressions and body posture. The issue of marital relations has also taken an important place in her work.

In her early work, her sculptures were mainly naïve. Over time, her work became more realistic and figurative. Rachel’s abstract work is characterized in vivid colors and it radiates beauty, light, dynamism and harmony and reflect her feelings and the balance she has reached in her adult life.

Rachel has exhibited in many group exhibitions and solo exhibitions in Israel, in Russia and in an international exhibition of Naive Art in Poland and Bulgaria.
Her sculptures are on permanent display at the Museum of Naive Art in Belogradchik, Bulgaria and in the Historical Archaeological Museum in Kfar Saba, Israel.

Aside of her art, Rachel’s professional career was devoted to the education of children with special needs, through teaching, training teachers and managing a school.

Rachel holds an M.A. degree in special-needs education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.