Rami Ater

    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Rami Ater, born 1960, multidisciplinary artist, focusing on abstract and symbolistic sculpting in iron.

    Ater perceives iron, which is a medium full of contradictions, as most suitable for expressing his views along with his complex inner world, at times through posing a struggle and at times through accommodating a dialog. This results in a very personal artistic practice that emanates from within as a figurative expression of Ater’s emotional world.

    His pieces and exhibitions were displayed in various spaces; the Jerusalem Theater, the Tel Aviv Opera House, Givaataim’s municipal gallery, Petach Tikva’s municipal gallery, Beit Gabriel in Tzemach and the Heichal Shlomo Museum in Jerusalem as well as in France, Germany and the USA.

    Member of the IAA/AIAP.

    Collections: Bet Gabriel, Wolfson Museum

    Testimonial (Doron Pollack about my pieces at the Mala-Mala (up-up) Exhibition)

    “Rami Ater has created a series of iron sculptures with an upward motion, lending a mythical interpretation to infinity. Choosing iron, which is a hard material that comes from the soil. Ater creates a fascinating tapestry of tower-like models, inviting the observers to dive and soar along the their lines into the depth of the psyche and up to the non-existent.”

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