About Ronit Ziv

Evolving in the field of dance since the 1990s, Ronit Ziv discovered the release technique – a kinesthetic approach to movement and improvisation – that caused a shift in her choreographic style. She devoted herself to an exploratory approach to movement and its sources, with the aim of seeking the authenticity of the gesture. Her significantly radical approach is based on the transferring between text and choreography, imagining the everyday practice, with the analyses of gesture in the context of a living environment.

Ronit established her place in the Israeli dance world with her first work, “Rose Can’t Wait”, which won first prize in Suzanne Dellal’s 1999 Shades in Dance competition, and at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Choreography Competition. “Rose Can’t Wait” was also invited to be performed at the Pina Bausch Festival. Ziv has been working as an independent choreographer and created for numerous companies, including Batsheva Ensemble, CNDC l’esquisse, Campania Instavel Galili Dance in Holland and more. Beyond her work as choreographer and dancer, Ronit Ziv has gained a high degree of recognition as a teacher through her renowned workshops and classes that she has offered around the world: in California’s UCLA, Italy, Portugal, Germany and France. In 1999, Ronit Ziv founded her own company in Tel-Aviv.

The Ronit Ziv Ensemble participated in more than 20 others productions and was the co – artistic director of the Curtain Up festival, at Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel-Aviv.

Ronit holds an M.A. degree in the research of the performance arts from the Tel-Aviv University. She studied drama at the Beit-Zvi Academy of Performing Arts. Ronit won the 2002 and 2005 Minister of Culture Award for young choreographers. She continues to develop artistic encounters and dynamic exchanges, collaborating with numerous international choreographers and artists from different disciplines in Israel and Europe.

Ronit Ziv

Dance, Theater
Choreographer, Contemporary, Production, Experimental

Tel Aviv, Israel