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About Sarah Gopher

As an undergraduate at Tel Aviv University Israeli-born Sarah Gopher studied Political Science, not the fine arts. She then continued to Stanford University in Palo Alto for an MBA and followed it working as a currency trader in NYC. By the time she returned to her love of painting, she was a mother of four, knee deep in diapers, and living in the Bay area of Northern California. Her first art teacher, while she was a student in Israel, was world-renowned Israeli artist Edwin Salomon. After renewing her art pursuit Gopher has taken lessons with a number of Northern California artists and teachers in both private and group/school settings.

In the last year, Gopher has moved towards a mix of the realistic and the abstract, the figurative with the undefined landscape, and has used both brushwork and palette knife work in her paintings while exploring additional mediums to create ever increasing layers and textures.

Sarah Gopher

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting

Danville, California, United States

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