Sharon Spitz

    Grant Recipient

    Haifa, Israel

    Artist Website

    Sharon Spitz is an illustrator and graphic designer currently based between Berlin and Haifa. graduate from the department of Visual Communication in The NB Haifa School of Design (B.Des.).

    In her works she expresses her love of animals and her interest in environmental issues, Drawing inspiration from music, surreal art and nature. Sharon enjoys experimenting with various techniques and styles.

    Participation in group Exhibitions:


    2018 – 711 Warren Street, Hudson, New York
    2015 – “Education Without Borders”, poster design with Eyal Levy for Sahar Azran. Wizo Student Group Exhibition project. Geneva, Switzerland.


    2018 – “Home” Illustration Week – La culture – Tel Aviv
    2018 – Illustration Week – Comme Il Faut – TLV port
    2018 – Ein Hod Central Gallery
    2017 – Illustration week – La Culture, Tel Aviv
    2017 – The best of 2017 Graduates Exhibitions, Jaffa Art Gallery
    2016 – Print Fair – Jaffa Port Gallery
    2016 – Illustration week – La Culture, Tel Aviv
    2016 – Illustration week – Gvirol Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2016 – “Out of lines – The Biggest Coloring Book in Town” – Jaffa Port Art Gallery
    2016 – “There is always someone at home” Hecht Museum, Haifa University
    2016 – International Children’s Theater Festival in Haifa
    2016 – Context, Jerusalem
    2015 – Tel Aviv Cinematech – Roman Polansky tribute – poster exhibition.