Yehuda Glantz

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    Abu Ghosh - 9084500, Israel

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    Yehuda Julio Glantz was born in Argentina. At 21 moved to Israel. He is a cultural ambassador of Hebrew Latin music in Israel to the world.

    Versatile and scenic artist, as studied as he is self-taught, Yehuda is a composer, arranger and producer.

    Yehuda uses 14 instruments. He is the pioneer in incorporating the charango into Jewish culture and fusing music from biblical sources with indigenous melodies and instruments.

    He recorded 13 prolific discography albums, was known in Hollywood and worked on the ‘Friends’ TV show; He traveled to many countries in the world contributing his musicality, professionalism, spirituality and his personal sound. Goldsmith of sounds with absolute tone, avant-garde and revolutionary, advisor to new generations, teacher and apprentice.

    Yehuda makes productions in his own studio and trains new talents.

    Yehuda shares with other artists and with the community, to spread music and traditions as a representation of their culture. Yehuda has discipline and passions, sets trends and likes to experiment.

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