About Yonatan Esterkin

Yonatan Esterkin is a theater director, writer, speaker and teacher. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy from the Open University, an MFA in theatre directing and an MA in theatre research, both from The Tel Aviv University. Recipient of the “Sharett” scholarship from the AICF and two scholarships for theatre experts in Berlin, from the Goethe institute.

After years of working as a journalist for leading publications in Israel, Esterkin transitioned to directing and teaching both acting and theater history in prominent acting schools in Israel.

He later continued to a career in directing in public theatres in Israel: Haifa Theater, where he also headed the International Relations division, The Cameri theater of Tel Aviv and Habima National theatre, as well as The Yiddish theatre.

Esterkin gives lecturers and courses about Israeli theatre and film from a social and political perspectives, for different institutions, including: Israel’s Teachers Association and the Media-Tech Center in Holon. He was also invited to give a talk about The Holocaust in the Israeli Theater at the 92nd Street Y in New York.

In the last five years his directing career took him to Europe, where he was invited to direct Israeli plays in different public theatres in Slovenia including the National Theater. Two of his award winning one-man-show directorial works in Slovenia were selected to participate in the United Solo Festivals in New York & London.

Yonatan Esterkin

Actor, Playwright, Director, Contemporary, Classical, Experimental

Los Angeles, California, United States
Grant Recipient