Yuval Chen

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    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Yuval Chen is a photographer and artist, researching for three decades the codes and narrative of the Israeli visual realm. In his professional career, Chen has published countless photographs in the Israeli media, serving as a magazine and editorial photographer for newspapers. While documenting, he also questions and challenges the narrative he perpetuates in the photos.

    His latest body of work includes a quest for images, an archive of collective memory, confronting the dilemmas presented in Israeli life. The photos emphasize Israel’s complicated relationship between time, place, and space. Chen interweaves fantasy and realism and creates a scenario in which the collective sphere meets personal perception, under circumstances of violence, conflict, and cruelty. However, Chen does not let go of preserving his knowledge and memory in search of roots, continuation, and essence.

    As an editorial photographer, continually moving through private and public spaces, and presenting his work in the artificial platform of communications, Chen is aware of the Israeli ethos, and has a complex connection with it. His photography is a pure yearning for landscapes, such as trees and shadows, which allow even a glimpse of a comforting, soothing, relaxing moment, that gives life.


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