About Yuval Cohen

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel (1973), Yuval has studied music at the Tel Aviv Conservatory, at the School of Arts, and at the “Thelma Yellin” High School for the Arts. During his studies he was selected to perform the Glazonov Concerto for alto saxophone and string orchestra, and toured Europe and Israel as a soloist.​

In 1996 Yuval Graduated Berklee College of Music (Summa Cum Laude). While at Berklee, Yuval was awarded the college prizes for outstanding achievements and the woodwind department award. His compositions were chosen to represent the college in the prestigious journal Jazziz. In 1997 Yuval received a full scholarship for a masters degree at the Manhattan School of Music.

Yuval’s debut CD, Freedom, received excellent critics, and is being regularly played on the Israeli radio channels. His family band, the 3 Cohens, has4 albums, and is playing regularly in the US, Europe, South America and Israel.

In June 2010 Yuval's second album, "Song Without Words", was released (Anzic Records). This new album, a duo with pianist Shai Maestro, received outstanding critics, and is considered one of the best jazz albums in Israel.

In July 2010 Yuval received his Masters in Composition (M.Mus) from the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem. In October 2010 Yuval won the prestigious Landau prize in the category of Jazz performance!

In 2013 Yuval's album "Hakol Zehavi", an intensive work on the music of Iraeli composer David Zehavi got wonderful critics, and on 2017 Yuval won the prestigious Prime minister' s award for composers in the field of Jazz.

Yuval is the head of the jazz studies department Jerusalem academy for Music and Dance, head of the jazz studies at the Israeli conservatory of Tel Aviv, a teacher at the Thelma Yellin high school of the arts, and at the New School branch at the Tel Aviv Music Conservatory.

Yuval Cohen

Piano, Composition

Jerusalem, Israel

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