About Alma Shapiro

Alma Shapiro began studying in the Music Department of the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem in 2016. She has been playing piano since the age of 6. She has studied with Anat Paul at the “Hassadna” conservatory Jerusalem. She is a partner in several ensembles.

In 2012, Alma participated in the “Piano Forever” piano competition for children aged 6-11 in the city of Ashdod. In 2015, Alma won the first prize in “Piano Forever”. And following the prize, in September 2016 she played the Mendelssohn Piano concert with the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Vahagn Papian.

Alma performed at a concert at Mishkenot Sha’ananim hall, in a tribute to Glenn Gould. She also performed a concert of duets with young musicians there, and a concert tribute to Arthur Rubinstein.

Alma played as a soloist with the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Vahagn Papian, in 2015. She also performed as a soloist in two concerts for schools at the Jerusalem Theater with the Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Chen Zimbalista.

In 2014 she participated in an ensemble of young musicians at the “Hassadna” conservatory in Jerusalem. Alma is an AICF Merit Scholarship recipient for 2016-7, and 2018-9.

Alma Shapiro

Piano, Classical

Jerusalem, Israel
Grant Recipient

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