Israeli Artists in Support of Israel and the Jewish People

Since the October 7th attack and the subsequent war, Israeli artists in Israel and worldwide have been volunteering their time, platforms, visibility, and creative work to speak out on behalf of Israel, advocate for the release of the hostages, bear witness, and provide moments of relief, comfort and hope to Israelis and to the Jewish community around the world.

Cellist Inbal Segev plays “Lacrymae” by Bruce Wolosoff, dedicated to the victims of the attack
Actress, filmmaker and ICA Awards winner Hanna Azoulay Hasfari speaks to fellow moroccans following the attack
Animator Yoni Goodman creates the short film “Disaster” to help bring the hostages back home
IPO members perform at the hospital for Avida Bacher, a resident of Kibbutz Be’eri who lost his wife and son in the attack
Between creative fundraising concerts and initiatives, saxophonist Yuval Cohen dedicates the IDF anthem to all Israeli soldiers. Played under the southern skies, accompanied by the Israeli Air Force planes
Jazz pianist Guy Mintus plays from the bomb shelter to provide a moment of sanity and a break from the horrors to anyone who may need it
Freshpaint Group and Yotzrim Seviva “This Is Us” project invited painters from all over Israel to document the faces of the hostages and raise awareness
Setting out to perform for soldiers in Ofakim on the outskirts of the Gaza border, David Broza improvised a duet with talented soldier Osher Beniso
Jazz pianist Hila Kulik expresses the shared “Tears and Pain,” sending strength to the country, the soldiers, the volunteers
While volunteering with children in Israel’s Arava region, visual artist Or Segal has also initiated the project Names & Faces, where Israeli illustrators raise awareness of the children, the innocent, and the human consequences of the brutal massacre 
Visual artist Noa Mishkin commemorates “a small piece of that heaven” of one of the attacked Kibbutzim – Kibbutz Holit
Visual artist Avia Cohen acknowledges those who “voluntarily choose to walk into the hellscape to help and save lives”
A group of musicians led by clarinetist Yuval Akuni perform at the nursing home Beit Hashemesh, following the attack
One of Israel’s most famous singers, Noa (Achinoam Nini) has been a peace activist her whole life and has gone on to the streets to fight for the return of the hostages
Cellist Amit Peled plays Hatikve in mid-air for his beloved home country
Raash Studio creates a fundraising promotion project for the Israeli Gaza envelope residents with Tremolo Ensemble, Meitar Ensemble and other performers, featuring vocalist Karolina
Berkovish Branding initiates a creative project aiming to evoke a sense of decency, awaken shared humanity, and impact communities worldwide in the fight for the return of the Israeli children-hostages in Gaza
The project Something Nice offers moments of comfort through intimate and diverse performances by those who share the same emotions, confusion, and pains, following the attack. Featuring musician Nadav Berkovits
Artist Michal Shimoni’s Peace Angels project offers free creative art sessions to bring joy and hope to children, friends, and family at this time
Kolben Dance Company uses the power of dance to provide refuge and joy to displaced children and families, offering free performances and classes in Jerusalem

Artist Daphna Markman Zinemanas creates a new body of silk print work to express sentiments emerging from the war
Artist Uziel Rangel documents the war in the battle field and on paper:
“…between guarding and resting, between jumping to apprehend murderers and moments of anxiety alongside moments of national pride, the sketchbook comes out, and images that haven’t freed the mind are captured on paper.”
Israeli Opera singer Michail Gaysinsky volunteers performances for the displaced in hostels, for soldiers in Sapir, in hospitals and nursing homes in Ofakim
The Eli Degibri Quartet plays a fundraising concert in the Tel Aviv Culture Center for the rehabilitation of Kibbutz Kfar Aza
Amitai Mann and Ilan Ziv’s instrumental piece “Nehama” offers a heartfelt tribute to the shattered hopes and dreams of Oct. 7th victims and loved ones
Chan Ta’oz Studio honors the legacy of “Rachel from Ofakim” by creating candle holders in her image, spreading light and hope through volunteer workshops for the displaced.
Created by psychologist Noam Green and social entrepreneur Fainy Soknik, “Listening to the Soul” is a video series designed for Haredi youth, offering guidance on coping with anxiety, trauma, and exposure to challenging content.