About Amit Bek

Amit Bek was born and raised in Israel, except for two childhood years living in California, USA. Amit learned to play Clarinet, Drums and piano before entering the Vocal Arts world. Amit is a lyric baritone singer. Amit learned in a music program in his high school, Ort Binyamina, where he played and sang in different bands and arranged music for the school's band and for an orchestra. Amit now volunteers in a Pre-army year service in Haifa of community service through the Israel Associations of Community Centers where he will teach music and guide at-risk students.

Amit took place in a "Mozart for Everyone" festival in Elma music center, Zichron Ya'acov. Amit also performed in Zichron and Givat ada in open for the community concerts before his Bagrut recital. Amit also composed a piano piece for a modern dance final exam at Ort Binyamina high. Amit played rock music in various events such as Haoman 17 club night, Tel Aviv, where his school band was invited to perform for a new Venture Capital TLV Partners. Amit performed singing in front of Holocaust survivors and second generation in a concert at Ein Hahoresh. Amit performed singing with the Zichron Ya'acov Big Band. Amit won the AICF scholarship for 2016-2017, and a scholarship for 2017-2018.

Amit Bek

Voice, Classical

Binyamina, Israel
Grant Recipient