About Daniel Zinn

Daniel Zinn, an accomplished conductor, impresario, and violinist residing in Brooklyn, is fast making a name for himself as a concert producer in New York and his birthplace, Israel. Born into a household where his father was a preacher and his mother was a painter, Zinn's upbringing was significantly shaped by an environment where hospitality was held in high regard. This ethos of welcoming and connecting with others deeply permeated his childhood experiences, leaving a profound impact on him. Today, Zinn channels these influences into his professional craft. His goal is to recreate the warmth and acceptance of his childhood home in his concert productions, striving to make every attendee feel not just welcomed, but truly at home in the ambience of his classical music concerts. This approach, he believes, allows guests to leave his performances with a sense of enrichment and a feeling of being valued, akin to the nurturing atmosphere he experienced growing up.

Since graduating from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in 2015, Zinn has founded numerous concert series in Israel and New York City, where he has resided for the past seven years. His performances range in scale from an 80-piece orchestra with nightlife light designers in a warehouse to intimate candle-lit solo cello concerts in a yoga studio. Over the years, Zinn has developed a signature style that he brought to Carnegie Hall when he presented the debut of Israeli pianist Adi Neuhaus in December 2022. In October 2022, he also founded the Fort Greene Conducting Workshop.

As a one-stop-shop for concert production for many years, Zinn's skills encompass the entire range required to produce concerts. His skills include violin, viola, orchestral and operatic conducting, chamber music, contracting, musical programming, concert-lectures, front-of-house management, ticketing platforms, marketing, advertising (print, social media, and email), Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, InDesign, LightRoom, stage design, light design, film production, accounting and payroll, corporate taxes, copywriting, print, and more.

In addition to his work with So&So— his symphonic production company, Zinn is the founder of the Fort Greene Chamber Music Society and Williamsburg Chamber Music Society, NewOrch, Salon Concert, JLM Quartet, Zinn Studio and Artists, Fort Greene Conducting Workshop, and the Add Music Company.

Zinn has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the prestigious America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship, which has been awarded to renowned musicians such as Itzhak Perlman, Daniel Barenboim, and Yefim Bronfman. He received his MM.Mus from The New School under the late Aaron Rosand in New York and his B.Mus in Jerusalem under Haim Taub, with masterclasses from artists such as Donald Wallerstein, Miriam Fried, Vadim Gluzman, and Pierre Amoyal.

Throughout his career, Zinn has performed at major venues around the world, including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Consulate-General of Poland, Berlin Konzerthaus, Bayreuth Stadthalle, Dresden Frauenkirche, Ravello Auditorium, S. Francesco Cathedral, Chorin Cathedral, Weimar Stadthalle, Rostock Academy of Music and Theatre, and Mann Auditorium. While his performances have not yet received critical acclaim, the performers with whom he works are critically acclaimed.

Zinn is an avid hiker and, like most Jews, has a love-hate relationship with chess. He is fluent in Hebrew, Russian, and English, with working knowledge in German and Ukrainian.

Daniel Zinn

Violin, Conducting, Music Direction, Production, Classical

Brooklyn, New York, United States
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