David Gerstein

    David Gerstein is an Israeli painter and sculptor. Gerstein was born in 1944 in Jerusalem. In the mid-1960s, after studying at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem for 2 years (1965-1966), Gerstein left Bezalel and enrolled at the École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris(1966-1968).  After two years in Paris, he moved to New York and attended classes of the Art Students League, where he learned portrait painting and printmaking.

    Gerstein returned to Israel at the age of twenty six and began teaching at Bezalel (1971-1985).
    In 1973–1974 Gerstein earned an M.A. in graphic arts at Saint Martin’s School of Art in London.

    He began as a figurative painter and illustrator of children books and was a recipient of the Israel Museum Prize for illustration. Gerstein’s post-pop art style is characterized by bold colored, multi layered cutout steel.

    Gerstein’s first exhibition in Israel was held in 1971 at the Engel Gallery in Jerusalem, comprising figurative drawings and watercolors.[6]Thereafter, he exhibited at Jerusalem’s Artist’s House in 1972 with large oil paintings dealing with interiors and the seaside, work that received enthusiastic reviews.


    1974 first prize and two awards for excellence in an end of year competition at St. Martin’s, London


    Selected Solo Exhibitions:
    2018 Galerie Duret ,Paris ,Brussels
    2018 “layers” froots gallery at 978 Beijing
    2017 Kapopulous gallery,Mykonos, Greece
    2017 Kellerman gallery,Dusseldorf, Germany
    2017 Today art Museum, Beijing
    2016 Gana Gallery, Busan, S. Korea
    2016 Vera International Art Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
    2015 YHU Gallery, Architects Space, Jerusalem, Israel
    2015 “Made In Germany”, Work of collaboration – Gerstein / Otmar Alt
    2015 Galerie Monmartre, Paris, France
    2015 Miva Gallery, Stockholm
    2014 Galeria de Arte Salduba, Saragoza, Spain
    2014 Gallery Momentum at Hotel Bocholtz, Liege , Belgium
    2014 The Visual Arts Center Gallery, New Delhi, India
    2014 “Poetic Mirror”, ARTN SPACE, Shanghai, China
    2014 Catto Gallery, London, England
    2014 Ostendorf Gallery, Munster, Germany
    2014 Gallery of Natural Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
    2014 HTC, Taipei, Taiwan
    2011 Museuda arte bahiaBrazil
    2011 National Gallery ,Bangkok Thailand
    2011 Quorum Gallery Madrid Spain
    2010 “Life style” Museu National do Brazil, Brazilia, Brazil

    2010 “Sea, Mud and Salt” Maritim museum Haifa
    2010 Ostendorf gallery Munster Germany
    2009 Catto gallery London
    2009 Momentum gallery Knokke Belgium
    2009 Miva gallery Malmo Sweden
    2008 Mairie Hesperange, Luxamburg
    2008 Centro da cultura Judaica,Sau Paulo Brazil
    2008 “Spirit of Freedom” Mathematikum Museum Giessen German,
    2008 Gana art gallery ,Seoul S. Korea
    2007 Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery Milan Italy
    2006 “Due Diligence” municipal gallery Viersen Germany
    2004 Ostendorf, Munster, Germany 2004 Galeria Kreisler, Madrid, Spain
    2003 Nuances et Lumiere Gallery, Lyon, France 2003 Clube A Hebrica, Sao-Paulo, Brazil 2002 “Balance Trial”, The Municipal Gallery “On the Cliff”, Netania. 2002 Mensing Gallery, Hamm, Germany. 2002 “No Favorite Color”, Installation during Documenta, Kassel , Germany. 2002 Nord L/B Gallery, Hannover, Germany.
    2001 “Tango Sur Seine”, paintings, Artists House, Jerusalem. 2001 “Pixul”, Art Gallery at The Memorial Center, Kiriat Tivon. 2001 “The Private Sector”, Meirov Municipal Art Gallery, Holon.
    1997, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv
    1993 Ashdod Museum (“Extended Pupils”) 1989 Herzliya Museum (“Totems”) Albert White Gallery, Toronto “Art 20” International Art Fair, Basel
    1988 Haifa Museum of Contemporary Art (“Frames”)
    1987 Israel Museum, Jerusalem (“From Dudu to 3-D”) Albert White Gallery, Toronto 1984 Radius Gallery, Tel Aviv (a member of Radius Group) 1980 ,”balconies”Horace Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv

    Selected Group Exhibitions
    2016 Galerie Duret, Marakech, Morocco
    2015 “It’s Donkey Time”, The donkey in local culture, Museum of Beer Sheva, Israel
    2015 Childhood drawings of Israeli artists (curator: Mihal Broshi), Israeli Art Museum, Ramat Gan, Israel 2011 Sea of Sport – Outdoor Sculptures, Bat Yam, Israel

    2011 Contemporary Sculpture of Israel – Stone Sculpture Museum, Hualien, Taiwan
    2011 Modus Gallery, represended by Colorfield Gallery, Paris,France
    2011 Palacio Saint Ellia, Palermo, Sicily 2011 Sculpture Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
    2002 “The Dolphins Project”, Tel Aviv. 2002 “The Lyons Project”, Jerusalem.
    2002 “An Homage To Yoseph Hirsh” Tel Aviv’s Artist’s House.
    2002 “Markers”, The Electricity Company in Kassel, Germany.
    2002 “Markers”, Jerusalem Theatre and Yaalom Theatre.
    2002 “Sculpture as Toy”, Bat Yam, Arad, Ashdod, Rechovot, Kfar Saba Museums.
    2002 “Art on the Line”, for the Haifa Museum of Art Friends.
    2002 “W.C. Environment”, The Stage Arts Center, The Opera House, Tel Aviv.
    2001 “Childhood”, Waddi Nisnass, Haifa. 2001 “Balances”, The Tel Aviv District Court.
    2001 “Work in the Eyes”, Ha’Shfela Museum, Kfar Menahem.
    2000 Public Art, Givataim The Year of Brand, The Villa, Jaffa I Have a Dream, The Holon Interdisciplinary Center for Art and Science.
    1998 Look at the Vase, Arad Museum Land Marks, Open Museum, Teffen
    1997 “Box”, Israel Museum, Youth Wing, Jerusalem
    “When the Dinosaur Met the Bird”, Bat Yam Museum
    “Samson and Delilah”, Ashdod Museum
    1996 “Local Line” Neve Tsedek Gallery, Tel Aviv “Art Multiples 96′”, Dusseldorf
    1995 “Object-Object: Dialogue between Art and Design”, Municipal Gallery, Kfar Sava; Ashdod Museum
    1994 “Israeli Sculpture, The Last Decade”, Tefen Museum
    1993 “Persistent Image”, Haifa Museum of Contemporary Art, Bat Yam Museum
    “Childhood Reminiscence”, Memorial Center in Kiryat Tivon
    “Tel Aviv in the Tracks of the Bauhaus”, the old building of the “Ha’aretz” newspaper, Tel Aviv
    1992 “Homage to the Cit?”, Artists House, Jerusalem
    “Flowers”, Omanut La’am, travelling exhibition
    “Receptacle and Contents”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem
    1990 “Health and Long Life”, Humor in Israeli art, Omanut La’am, travelling exhibition “Leaves”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem
    1989 “Via Maris”, Bat Yam Museum
    “These Sabras”, Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem
    “Artists’ Studios”, Aika Brown Gallery, Jerusalem
    1988 “Haifa, Portrait of a City”, Haifa Museum of Contemporary Art International Biennale of Graphic Art, Ljubliana
    1987 Meimad Gallery, Tel Aviv
    “Quotation-Painting-Quotation”, Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan
    “Six Israeli Artists”, Israel 40th Anniversary
    1988 “Flags”, Israel Festival, Jerusalem
    “Towards a New Israeli Realism”, Uri and Rami Nechushtan Museum, Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov
    “Four Artists”, 1985 “Four Sculptors”, Aika Braun Gallery, Jerusalem
    “Towards a Godless Myth”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1983 “New Acquisitions”, Israel Museum, Jerusalem The Triennale of Israeli Graphic Art, Haifa Museum “New Prints”, Jerusalem Print Shop
    1981 “Four Artists”, Sara Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem
    1973 “Israeli Graphic Art Today”, Tel Aviv Museum
    1972 The Print Biennale, Florence
    Selected Art in Public Spaces
    2015 “Presence-Present”, Gerstein / Alana Ruben, Jerusalem Biannale of Contemporary Jewish Art
    2014 Hsinchu County Stadium
    2014 3 public art works – Loby of Taikang Residence of Elderly People, Beijing, China
    2011 Hyundai Department Store, Seoul,S.Korea – Outdoor Printed Screens around the renovated ruilding, 60×300 meter
    2008 “Momentum” CBD, Singapore 2008 “Star City”, Seoul, Korea
    2007 “Ohel Moed”, Sculpture Park, kibbutz Hatzerim, negev, Israel
    2005 “Sun Rise” High School, Ashkelon, Israel 2005 “Butterflies”, Harel, High School, Mevaseret, Israel
    2003 “Blue Mermaid”, Kiryat Yam, Haifa. 2003 “Rush Hour”, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
    2002 “No Favorite Color”, 3 months Installation, Kassel, Germany. 2002 “Shalom On Israel”, Rabin Building, Judaism Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
    2002 “Soul Bird”, Holon. 2002 “Digital Zabar”, Waddi Nisnass, Haifa.
    2001 “Day and Night”, Bezeq Lobby, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv. 2001 “Colors from Nature”, Horev Center, Haifa. 2001 “Things that come from the Heart” (sculptures), Ramat Alon Park, Haifa.
    1999 A Whole World, Hebrew University, Jerusalem The Bus, Hebrew University, Jerusalem Homage to Alterman, Dizingoff Street, Tel Aviv
    1997 “Above the Head”, Installation, Hebrew University, Jerusalem “City Square”, Center of Performing Arts, Tel Aviv “Pupils”, Dizengoff Street, Tel Avi
    1996 “Scientific Orange”, Rehovot shopping & central bus station Mall Israel Festival, Jerusalem “Head Within a Head”, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem “Vases”, Brigada Street, Herzliya
    1995 Two wall pieces for Bank Leumi, Tel Aviv “The Flower Vase”, Bank Leumi, Rehovot “Jacob’s Ladder”, Israel Festival, Jerusalem
    1992 “Kiosk”, Israel Museum, Jerusalem Six sculptures at Avdat archeological site, the Negev
    1988 Sculptural children’s playground, Weiller Park, Jerusalem
    1985 “Bicycle Rider”, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

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