About Dor Amran

My musical education includes 12 years of mandolin studies and 8 years of piano studies at the Be’er Sheva Conservatory.

At the beginning, I studied mandolin under the guidance of Lev Khaimovich. Between the years 2013-2016, I studied mandolin under the guidance of Teddy Shushankov and during This year (2017) I’ve studied under the guidance of Yaki (Jacob) Reuven. Over the years, I studied piano under the guidance of Rosa Milman, Faina Eisenberg and Marina Epshtein. Furthermore, I participated in the composition class of the conservatory under the guidance of Dr. Marina Geller and also Active as an Arranger.

I have an experience in playing chamber music as a member at the Mandolin quartet of the conservatory under the guidance of Lev Khaimovich, in trios, in different duos and another ensambels.

In addition, I played 11 years at the Be’er Sheva Mandolin orchestra (conducted by Teddy Shushankov). I had the honor to play as a soloist with the Be’er Sheva Mandolin Orchestra, with the Barrocade, the Israel Chamber Orchestra (thanks to AICF project) and with the Be’er Sheva Symphony Orchestra. I have done 5 solo recitals at the Be’er Sheva conservatory (1.6.17, 2.11.16, 10.3.16, 29.4.15, 29.4.14 ). Furthemore, I participated in large number of masterclasses with great musicians such as the members of the Kerman mandolin quartet, Vera Vaidmann, Alon Sariel, Avi avital and Moti Shmidt.

In 2014, I won the first prize of the “Sarni” competition in the conservatory and in the Arik Kerman Foundation, thanks to this foundation I had the opportunity to play on loan on a professional instrument. In 2016 I won the second prize of the “Sarni” competition and in the scholarship competition of the AICF. In 2017 I received recognition as excellent musician in IDF. I participated in different Delegations abroad and in some festivals all over the country: festival at Zichron Yakkov, “Abu gosh festival’s”, ” slavianski bazaar- Vitebsk ” 2015, Montenegro- concerts tour (2012), Italy, Croatia and Slovenia- concerts tour (2010) and I always spent time on volunteering activities like performances in schools and elderly houses.

Dor Amran

Mandolin, Piano, Composition, Classical

Be'er Sheva, Israel

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