About Dudi Bar David

Dudi Bar David is an Israeli artist, producer, and singer.

Born and raised in the city of Lod, the son of Itzik and Ruthi who immigrated to Israel back in the 1970’s from Georgia. Dudi has been marked as one of the most refreshing and prominent composers of recent years and among his songs are dozens of the greatest hits in Israeli music: “someone with me here”, “my nights”, “tasim tasim”, “a night in Sinai”, “you have it all”, and more.

His sincere, sensitive, and sometimes protest writing has become an expression of the pain for an entire generation seeking meaning in times where everything changes every 15 seconds.

His songs such as “All the Dreams Are taken”, “Someone Else” and “We Haven’t Learned Anything Yet” are characterized as bold Israeli writing that calls for gender and race equality in Israeli society. Some of the songs have been discussed and learnt in Israeli education system curricula.

One of the topics that Dudi deals with throughout his work, is the inequality between human beings, loneliness, and addiction to success. These issues are expressed in a sincere and sensitive fashion and expose his mind and soul through his writing. It is Dudi’s brave, sincere and daily confrontations that make him a popular artist who remains sensitive and humble, with extraordinary simplicity and humanity.

Dudi Bar David

Voice, Composition, Arranging / Orchestration, Rock, Pop

Hod Hasharon, Israel

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