About Dudu Tassa

Dudu Tassa grew up in Tel-Aviv in the 1980s and released his first album at the age of 13. In 2002 Tassa joined the band of Israel’s most popular TV show, and nowadays he is one of Israel’s most prominent singers-songwriters and guitarist on demand as well as a dominant figure in the Israeli rock scene.

Dudu released 9 albums and also produced numerous albums for other artists. He composes for television and cinema and among these are the opening song of Star Born, the Israeli version of American Idol. Further, he was nominated for best soundtrack in a feature film by Nati Adler’s “Kululush”. In 2009 Dudu released his sixth album-“In The End You Get Used To Everything”. The album included the single “What A Day” that was frequently played on radio stations and in which guitarist Jonny Greenwood, member of Radiohead, participated.

Dudu Tassa continues to be on the peak as one of the most popular rock artists in Israel. Being an Iraqi-Jewish descendent, Dudu’s “root-research” revealed an amazing musical story. Dudu Tassa’s grandfather and his brother, known as the Al-Kuwaiti brothers, were the greatest composers-musicians in Baghdad during the first half of the 20th century and acclaimed innovators and creators of modern Iraqi music, still highly esteemed in the Arab world despite their Jewish origin. In his recent album released in 2011, Dudu Tassa and the Al Kuwaiti’s, he salutes the Al-Kuwaitis, sings their songs in Arabic and Hebrew, and integrates Iraqi, Middle-eastern, and Israeli rock music, in a unique style. The album features archive materials from the Kuwaitis and singer Faiza Rushdie as well as up to date artists such as Yair Dalal on oud and known rock vocalists, Berry Sakharov and Yehudit Ravitz. The band includes: Vocals, Qanun, Violin, Cello, Guitars, Bass,

Dudu Tassa


Tel Aviv, Israel