About Eesa Khoury

Eesa Khoury was born in Kfar Yasif, a northern town in the western part of Galilee in July 2001. He began to take private violin courses when he was five years old and is now studying at the Ruben’s Conservatory in Haifa, under the tutorship of Yevgeny Apter.

As a part of his studies in the conservatory, Eesa took part in all seminars and artistic classes of Keshet-Eilon from 2001 until 2016.
27/11/2013: In his studies at the conservatory in Haifa, he took part in several artists' course-concerts guided by Professor Hagai Shaham.

29/4/2014: Closing concert for Keshet Eilon’s spring seminar, this consisted of two Vivaldi violin-concertos in A Minor.

20/07/2014: A fundraising concert for Keshet Eilon at the Strauss family residence in Naharriya.

30/07/2014: Two Vivaldi concertos in A Minor at the Opera house in Tel-Aviv from Keshet-Eilon.

9/5/2015: A Sabbath’s entertainment concert in Angel’s Hall at the Tekutin Museum for Japanese Art in Haifa – a creative performance.

20/05/2015: He was selected as a representative of Keshet-EIlon to perform at a fundraiser in New York City. During the course of the performance, he played a number of works guided by two violinists, Vadim Gluzman and Etzhak Ratshkovski. And, as a result of his performance in New York, Dr. Mika Tzperkovski decided to bestow him with a scholarship for the years 2015 and 2016.

In May 2015 he participated in the Keshet Eilon concert and dinner at the Harmonie Club New York City.

The first recital that he performed was on 10/6/2015 at the Ruben’s conservatory in Haifa which included the works that he played at the America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship auditions that took place at the conservatorium in Givat’ayim.
On 2nd April 2016 he participated in the Keshet Eilon spring seminar, took part in the final concert as a soloist, and played the Introduction And Tarantella by Sarasate.

In 2016 Keshet Eilone spring seminar he performed as a soloist in the final concert.

In July 2016 he performed as a soloist at a concert at the Mormon University in Jerusalem.

In May 2016 he participated in a master class with Prof. Meriam Fried (U.S.A).

Recently he participated in a masterclass with Prof. Haim Taub in Israel.

In 2015 Eesa was a recipient of an America – Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship.

Eesa Khoury


Kfar Yasif, Israel
Grant Recipient