About Israeli Artists Project (yap)

The Israeli Artists Project is a non-profit organization that promotes and presents Israeli theater, music and art.

IAP (pronounced “yap”) is a community-oriented non-profit organization that provides a stage for local Israeli artists as well as as opportunities for Americans and Israelis to experience Israeli culture together beyond the lenses of politics and religion. Pre covid the organization had about 14 events per year.

Aviv – Israeli Arts Festival – is a month long festival that will feature theater music and art presented by IAP and guests with local Israeli artists. Originally planned for May 2020. Aimed for May 2022;

***Current Production***

Divorced – the Play

The NYC version of the play Grushim by the Cameri
The play is presented in both Hebrew and English by NYC based Israeli actors
Written By: Gur Koren
Translated By: Adi Drori
Directed & Adapted By: Matan Zrachia
They share a child, they share a past, but they have no future.
A divorced couple dive into the depth of their complicated relationship and discover a true friendship no divorce can break.
It’s moving, comedic and fully vaccinated
If you like theater you do not want to miss this special experience!
You are invited to join our Summer Tuesdays series in Williamsburg every Tuesday at the discounted rate of $36, however, donations are welcome to help with all the production costs.
Divorced will be performed in both the original Hebrew and the local NYC English version on alternating weeks.
ENGLISH Performances on: July 13th and 27th, August 10th and 24th
HEBREW Performances on: July 20th, August 3rd, 17th and 31st.
Divorced is the NYC version of the play Grushim. It is part of the Israeli Cameri Theater’s project, Out-of-the-Box, which takes theater to unconventional spaces and turns any living room into the actual set, as a unique, immersive, intimate experience.
Doors open at 7, show starts at 7:30pm.
Cast includes:
Emilly Bènami, Maia Karo, Ron Orlovsky and Matan Zrachia.
Produced by Yoni Vendriger

Israeli Artists Project (yap)

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New York, New York, United States