Jaffa Theatre: A Stage for Arab Hebrew Culture

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    Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel

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    The award-winning Jaffa Theatre celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2019. A Stage for Arab Hebrew Culture is home to the Jaffa Theatre and the Arab Al-Saraya Theatre. The Jaffa Theatre is a meeting of Arab and Hebrew cultures and languages that produces theatre and creates social change by promoting knowledge and mutual understanding between Hebrew, Arabic, and Middle Eastern culture and cultivating mutual respect with the belief in a path for reconciliation and peace. These goals are achieved through bilingual plays, cultural projects, workshops, festivals, art exhibits and literary programs in Hebrew and Arabic to audiences across. Recent musicals were performed successfully in France featuring Egyptian greats to mixed audiences with high media coverage.

    Besides ongoing productions in the theatre, performances take place in the peripheries within Arab and Jewish communities. The Jaffa Theatre has also performed internationally in Europe, the U.S., and Korea. The theatre also produces major festivals including the Jaffa Children’s Theatre Festival and the Festival of Arabic Contemporary Culture which host diverse audiences and artists. The Jaffa Theatre continues to serve as a model for creative collaboration between conflicting ethnic groups, different cultures, different people, and different languages.

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