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Klara Landrat, AKA "Klara", is an American actress of Polish - Israeli origin, producer, writer. She's known for portraying the character of Kennedy in the Ofir Award (Israeli Oscar equivalent) winning director Michael Behagen's Israeli TV series : "Late Night Stories" coming in 2022. As a daughter of a diplomat, Klara was was born in the U.S. and was raised in Tripoli, Libya, New York City and many other countries. She speaks many languages : English, French, Italian, Hebrew,Polish, Latin. Other projects include: " The Silent Enemy " (2022), Inheritance (2022) in Irish Gaelic & English, "Story Time with Fergie & Friends" (2020) with The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, "Going Under" (2004), and "Zoolander" (2001). She is debuting as a director in a global documentary film about endometriosis aimed at raising awareness about the disease along with an award winning director and producer- Caroline Zelder ( Plumm Summer). Klara is also a co-producer of Legendary Film Productions, an international film and TV production company. Klara holds a B.A. degree in the Arts from Hunter College City University of New York and is member of Alumni, Golden Key Honor Society and USA Honor Society. Klara's zodiac sign is: Libra. Her favorite color is: Blue

Klara Landrat

Film, Music, Theater, Visual Arts
Acting, Producing, Directing, Documentary, Narrative, Voice, Experimental, World/Ethnic, Actor, Classical, Contemporary, Digital Art / Multimedia, Performance Art, Photography, Installation, Drawing & Painting

New York, New York, United States
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